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It’s Simple Really….The First Thing You Have to Do is Show Up!

By Coach Surface, 03/03/19, 2:30PM EST


The Numbers Tell The Whole Story!

Teaching basic fundamental skill sets is always our club’s goal. Learning those basic skill sets should be the goal of all of our players. However, to learn, you have to show up, you have to be at those club events where the teaching takes place; the practices, the workouts, the tryouts, the club kickoff, everything. Each and every one of these activities is all part of the learning process and if you aren’t there, you can’t learn.

I take attendance. You’ve seen me walking around at the beginning of practices and workouts with my clipboard. I do this because it is one tool in our bag of tools that we coaches use to understand whether a player is progressing or not in their learning process, because there is a direct correlation between attendance and improvement.

Now let’s look at the numbers. We have 42 players in the club for the 2019 season. And, starting back with the three Player Tryouts, the four Club Workouts, the Club Kickoff and the two Practices, we’ve had 10 activities so far in what we consider the 2019 season. Would you like to take a guess as to how many players out of the 42 have made it to 100% of these events? One! KayRae….she’s the only one out of all 42 players to show up at every activity.

You could make a case that the tryouts and the workouts shouldn’t be considered when looking at 2019 attendance because they happened during the off-season…..I get that. I don’t agree with it, but I get it.

So let’s look at just the three events in February;  the Kickoff and the two Practices. Take another guess how many players have had 100% attendance for these three events? 24! That is a 62% attendance rate. If you are one of the players not showing up, that’s not good enough if you want to be competitive. And even worse, there have been three players who haven’t showed up for any of those three events…0% attendance rate! Just for the record, here are the individual team attendance rates through two team practices: 2020=62%  -  2021=58%  -  2022=50%  -  2024=83%

Everyone who ‘can’t’ make it always has an excuse. Believe me, we’ve heard them all:

  • “Well I was sick.” - Well, then you need to take better care of your health so you won’t be sick. And even if you are sick, you should still come to practice and at least try!
  • “Well, I’m injured” - Well, you can still come to practice and still do something (pushups, setups, ball handling, something) and take advantage of listening to all the instruction that goes on during practice.
  • “Well, I had a ton of homework.” - Well, then you need better time management to get done everything you have to get done. Get up earlier in the morning to do all the things you need to do, or stay off your phone more to give you more time to do more.
  • “Well, I didn’t have a ride or my parents couldn’t bring me.” - Well, you’ve got 41 other teammates and other team members who will be coming to the practices and you can always make arrangements with them to get a ride with one of them.
  • “Well, I had something else to do.” - Well, then maybe you’d better re-evaluate why you say you are committed to getting better.

For every excuse, I can give you a reason why that excuse is invalid. Effort is not just limited to the basketball court, effort includes doing whatever else it takes in order to insure you get to every practice. Lee says it all the time, and it proves out to be oh so true, you miss a practice, you miss a lot!

Looking over this group of girls we have, this could very well be our most competitive year. But don’t confuse winning with being competitive. Our basketball philosophy as a coaching staff has always been that if you focus on teaching basic fundamentals, defense and basketball IQ, and if you can get all your players solid in those three areas, winning will take care of itself. The history of our club bears that out. But then again, you have to first show up!