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Make No Mistake....Much of the Responsibility is Yours!

By Coach Surface, 03/23/19, 12:00AM EDT


Coaching can only take you so far . . .the rest is up to you!

Midwest Finest Basketball prides itself in having some of the best player development coaches in the state, lead by our Executive Director, who IS the best player development coach in the state! We always talk about effort and how that is so important in player development. It is no less important in developing a solid coaching staff.

The core of the coaching staff spends hours watching coaching videos and training videos, watching basketball games, reading opinion articles about successful coaching, planning practices, talking among ourselves, sharing opinions, evaluating each player and suggesting what is needed to make each player better. These are all of the things that you would, or should as a parent, expect from any coaching staff that you trust to help your daughter become the best player and best person she can be. 

The equation that makes up a good player development program is not very complicated. However, the biggest and most important part of that equation is the player themselves. The player has to be 100% committed to doing the work that it takes to be the player she wants to be. You can have the greatest coaching staff in the world but if the player is not doing the necessary work, then, as a parent, you're wasting your money and your daughter is wasting her time.

If you have attended even just a few of our team practices this year, you would have heard by now a number of times where the coaches ask our players in one form or another, who is putting in the additional work AWAY from our practices and workouts. And in most cases, very few raise their hands in the affirmative that they have. If you were paying attention, you would have also noticed that those who did raise their hands acknowledging that they are putting in the additional work, are the players who are making the most impact on their teams this year. They are the players whose improvement trajectory is a steeper incline than the others who are not putting in the extra work. As a player, do not be fooled into thinking that if you come to all the practices but do nothing else, that that is all you need to do to get better.....because you're wrong! Way wrong!!

Yes, you will get better by just coming to practice, but the improvement will be minimal. It is like J.J. Watt says, "If you put in the minimal amount of work, you can expect the minimal amount of results." Players MUST understand that it is the additional work, it is the extra time spent working on your handles alone in the garage with just you and the is the extra time spent laying in bed on your back with a basketball simulating shooting it up in the air working on your shot is the extra time spent doing line-jumps and line-splits across a chalk line drawn on the basement floor working on improving your's all those many things you need to be doing on your own if you really want to be better. If you're not taking the responsibility of doing these extra things on your own away from only have yourself to blame when you fail to reach your basketball goals. It really is all up to you!