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Our Goal Poster Program

Every season, all Midwest Finest team players are required to construct their own Goal Poster. This goal poster identifies and displays the specific goals each player wants to achieve during the next 12 months. 

These are not just basketball goals, although basketball goals, both travel ball and school ball, need to be a part of the equation. However, the goals can and should also include family goals, hobby goals, personal goals, religious goals, any goal the individual player wants to set for themselves. Then, throughout the early months of the season after practice, each individual player presents their goal poster to the rest of the players and parents in attendance, usually two or three players at a time, until all the players have made their presentations.

The goal posters can take any form, or be created in any way that the player sees fit. Over the years, we have seen some that are very elaborate and ornate, while others are simple and straight forward. Nevertheless, design is not the important issue; it is the content and substance of the goals that are the most important.

Midwest Finest Players Presenting this year's 2020 posters...

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  • Abigail Rosenkrans - Midwest Finest 2022
  • Morgan Martin - Midwest Finest 2022
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Once a player presents their poster in a practice or workout, the player must place their goal poster in their bedroom or some other spot of significance in their home, so that the poster can be seen everyday to remind the player of the goals they've set. In this way, the goal poster becomes a constant reminder to continue to do the work needed to achieve all of the goals they've set for themselves. Once the season ends, the process begins all over again.

Each player is encouraged to retain the goal posters from year to year so they can check off the goals that they've attained and see the progress made on the new goals that have been set.

Goal Poster Presentation Schedule

Click on the date to see the goal poster presenter from each team for that practice.

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