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Player Responses to Watching Our Videos

These are all the video responses from the last few years submitted by our Midwest Finest players upon their watching these motivational video. Each response gives the individual player's perspective regarding how the player viewed the message of the video and how the message impacted them after viewing.

To view other motivational videos we have listed on the website, click HERE.

Winners Don't Make Excuses - Added 02/21/20

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Don't Give Up!

"As you prepare for obstacles that you are trying to overcome, don’t quit. Instead prepare yourself for victory, because if you prepare yourself for failure, you already lost."
- - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

"Giving up doesn't get you anywhere, working hard every day and going 120% will get you somewhere."
- - - Emma Sperry - Midwest Finest 2024

Rise & Grind!

"This video was good for me because I needed to hear some tough love. I needed to be reminded that every day I just need to get up and not listen to the voices in my head."
- - - Tessa Freman - Midwest Finest 2020

"You have to tell yourself that you can do it."
- - - Lilly Hymes - Midwest Finest 2024

"You have to push past you’re fears. Keep pushing yourself to find your breaking point."
- - - Brittany Temple - Midwest Finest 2020

“You have to work really hard to get to where you want to be. If you really want something you have to work for it every day.”
- - - Samantha Mrnak - Midwest Finest 2022

"Don't give up, push yourself past your limit to get better."
 - - - Kanyonrae Kenny - Midwest Finest 2024

"What I took away from this video is that you push back your fears and push yourself."
- - - Kimber Abshear - Midwest Finest 2024

Dr. Eric Thomas - You Owe You!!

"There is no excuse for not living to your full potential. "
 - - - Audrey Booher - Midwest Finest 2024

"You owe it to yourself, and in order to get it you have to go with 120% effort."
 - - - Lilly Hymes - Midwest Finest 2024

"People are to busy blaming others rather than taking responsibility for their own actions."
- - - Kathryn Perry - Midwest Finest 2021

"What I took away from the video is that work isn’t going to get done unless you push yourself."
- - - Kimber Abshear - Midwest Finest 2024

"What I take from this video is that you will come to hard things in life, but you have to work for it!! You had to want to commit if you want it. Never Give Up!!"
- - - Sydney Patterson - Midwest Finest 2024

"Hold yourself accountable."
 - - - Madi Bock - Midwest Finest 2024

"Refuse to lose in YOUR life, love, relationships, careers. BE a winner, you owe it to yourself! "
 - - - Sara Larkins, Coach - Midwest Finest 2024

"Work hard to make your goals a reality. You can’t go through the motions and expect to be the best "
 - - - Brittany Temple - Midwest Finest 2020

"You have to be serious about what you wannt to do you owe it to yourself to go as hard as you can every day or else why are you out there."
 - - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020

"Work hard to make it happen. Don’t make up excuses for why it can’t happen."
 - - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

"Work your hardest every day to get to where you want to be."
 - - - Samantha Mrnak - Midwest Finest 2022

- - - Darin Gardner, parent - Midwest Finest 2020

Make it Count!

"Make every day count by giving 110% , 100 percent of the time."
- - -  Willow Runyon - Midwest Finest 2021

"Don't go through the motions, make everything you do count."
- - - Brittany Temple - Midwest Finest 2020

"Don’t just go through the motions, make something of yourself. "
 - - - Mary Borchers - Midwest Finest 2020

"I learned I have to push myself, I can never take advantage of anything and I have to make it count."
 --- Albany Speer - Midwest Finest 2022

"I watched "Make It Count" and I liked how it kept repeating the word TODAY. It said TODAY you will make it count. Not tomorrow. You have to work hard today and everyday in order to be great."
- - - Taylor Heath - Midwest Finest 2020

"Be prepared, show up ready to work hard so you can get the most out of the time you're given."
 - - - Kanyonrae Kenny - Midwest Finest 2024

"With more heart than anyone else you can achieve anything you want to."
- - - Becky Booth - Midwest Finest 2020

"Make this day count. Leave everything you have on the court."
- - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

New Video Posted 03/01/19

Remember Why You Started!

"Push out of your comfort zone, embrace the pain, and outwork your competition."
 - - - Kanyonrae Kenny - Midwest Finest 2024

"I thought this video was good because it was simple. It talked about how there is never an excuse. Not when you’re tired, stressed, busy, or whatever, there is never an excuse. I also liked when it said that today’s pain gives you the strength you need tomorrow."
- - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020

"Your mind will give up before your body does, so keep working even when you think you can’t"
 - - - Becky Booth - Midwest Finest 2020

"The pain won’t last forever. You have to go through the pain first to get to the strength that you need tomorrow. "
 - - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

"What I learned from this video was to not let my body, life experiences, and people dictate me obtaining my goals. When times get tough I need to be able to tap into my love for that particular goal and overcome any negative thinking that might creep into my mind. At the end of the day I have to be my greatest cheerleader,critic, and motivator. When life and people let me down I have to be able to pick myself up and push through."
 - - - Dynasty Witherspoon - Midwest Finest 2021

"Your brain wants you to stop at 40%, but its important to keep going through the pain."
 - - - Willow Runyon - Midwest Finest 2021

"if you want to be at your best, you have to give your Best Effort!!"
 - - - Kathryn Perry - Midwest Finest 2021

"Remember the pain you feel today will be replaced with strength tomorrow. Push through the pain."
 - - - Koryn Greiwe - Midwest Finest 2021

"Whenever you're going through something DON'T give up. Pain won't last forever."
 - - - Brittney Temple - Midwest Finest 2020

"My response from watching this video is no matter what you are going through even if its school, stress, family or friends. You CAN do it. There are no excuses. The quote I really got from this video is ¨ the pain you feel today is the pain you feel tomorrow¨, what that means to me is, all the hard work you are doing today will pay off in the next day or the next game. You have to push through the pain and not let it stop you."
 - - - Addie Gardner - Midwest Finest 2020

"Don’t give up even though its hard! Push yourself to your limit."
- - - Madi Bock - Midwest Finest 2024

Challenge Yourself!

"Challenge your limits. Don’t go the easy way, go the right way. "
- - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

"If you think you're tired, you're probably not. So you have to keep pushing yourself. Whenever you push yourself, you better yourself both physically and mentally."
- - - Brittney Temple - Midwest Finest 2020

"While watching this video I learned that you have to commit to becoming more and want to achieve more. Take on the challenge to be more and don’t just settle for mediocracy. You have to power through pain, tiredness, doubts, etc and give all that you’ve got even when you’re at you’re lowest. You can’t keep looking back. Body and mind will compete with no one else, but yourself. Come back stronger each time. For me this comes when I step out onto the basketball court each time. You have to continuously raise the bar. When being a leader I have to focuse on this statement so my teammates don’t just settle and not give all the effort they should. Coach Lee always says “We want more”, which encourages and motivates me."
- - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021

"My favorite line in this video was “I will not except my limits.” I think this line pertains to me because I sometimes make my own limits in my head, and they just aren’t true. I also liked how it said I am working not for who I am today, but for who I will become. I think that is important to remember when you want to give up."
 - - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020


"If you don't truly love what you're doing, you will never have the courage to keep going."
 - - - Becky Booth - Midwest Finest 2020

"Don’t settle to find something that you love. Keep working hard to find it. "
- - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

"Life is hard , but with courage it is possible to pull through."
 - - - Willow Runyon - Midwest Finest 2021

"The past can be difficult and the future can be scary but dwelling on these two things is not enough. I have to have God with me if I am going to get over hardships in life. Also, I learned that to achieve my dreams, I have to fight and work hard. Everyone has a purpose in life and I need to make sure I’m following mine."
- - - Mary Borchers - Midwest Finest 2020

"In the video I learned that you have to connect the dots looking backwards and trust they will connect the future. Believing the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart. Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. Like Coach Lee says, " Play every game like it's your last because you never know when it will be. Don't live by the results of other people's thinking. The opinions of others shouldn't drown out your own voice. Find what you love. Always do great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Keep looking and don't settle if you can't find what you love. Follow your heart. Through ups and downs believe and have courage. Human spirit is very powerful. The real challenge of growth comes when you get knocked down. It takes courage to act. You must be hungry when you get discouraged and it will take courage to start over. Fear kills dreams, hopes, and hold you back from doing anything. At the end of every principle is a promise. Don't ever let emotions control you. Begin to discipline your emotions so they don't use you. It's not easy to change. You must go all out if you're truly serious about something. Make a declaration for what you stand for a fight every second for it. Push yourself and take yourself where you want to go in life. The last chapter of your life isn't written yet. Don't give in because there's always an answer!!"
- - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2020

Fail Harder!

"My response is who cares what people think if you fail. In life you are never going to succeed without failure!! I really enjoyed this video by the way!!"

 - - - Sydney Patterson - Midwest Finest 2024

Never Give Up! - Eric Thomas

"I really loved the part of the video when it said that there are 86,400 seconds in the day and during all of those seconds we should be working and bettering ourselves. That seems like a long time, but that just shows how much you can get done in a day if you put your mind to it. I also loved when it said no situation is going to be perfect so you have to create the perfect situation. I have to be willing to work a little harder to get out what I want in life. I have to be willing to perfect my own situation."
 - - - Mary Borchers - Midwest Finest 2020

"I liked this video because I liked how it talked about chasing your passion with everything you have. It talked about having no one believe in you, but continuing to fight anyways. One quote I really liked from the video was “If you’re not working to make your dream come true, you will soon be working for someone else to make their dream come true.” 
- - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020

"While watching this motivation video, it talked about creating the perfect time and opportunity to make yourself better and challenge yourself. You can't start becoming comfortable with the progress you've made. The video says when you aren't pursuing your goal, you're literally committing spiritual suicide. Whenever you have goals taking you out of your comfort zone, you will begin seeing things you never thought you could do before. Stop waiting for other people to make things happen, because then it will never make your goal possible. If you aren't where you are, or want to be, it has everything to do with the reality you aren't making the sacrifice. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing that goal you dream about and want to pursue. You have to act upon your hopes and dreams in the future. When things don't work out, one thing to keep you strong is to embrace your pain because it's part of the ending product. You have to push yourself to believe and commit your heart, mind, and body to whatever you want to overcome. "If you look up, you can get up," is a part in the video I won't ever forget because when times are rough, hard, and to the point where you think you can't overcome, you have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe and if it's possible to look up then you have the chance to get up and make something actually happen."
- - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021

Working Hard Is A Habit!

"Hard work is the beginning of becoming great. Without hard work, consistency and practicing smart don’t even matter. You know you’re working hard when you’re uncomfortable and when that starts becoming comfortable you have to push yourself harder. Hard work keeps you working toward your breaking point"
 - - - Mary Borchers - Midwest Finest 2020

"I really liked the three points the video talked about. I think putting together the hard work, smarts, and consistency in anything you do is hard but will get you far. I also liked how the video talked about how working hard is a choice."
- - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020

"While watching this video I learned many helpful points to make working hard a habit for me. First, if you want to make it there are three things you have to do. 1. Work Hard 2. Work Smart 3. Work Consistent. You won't make it without all three. You must have each of those three to make it and be successful. In the video they described working hard as; Taking yourself to the point of discomfort, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You must take yourself out of your comfort zone. Each time you step out onto the court you have a decision. The choice of deciding to work hard is up to yourself. It's easy to make excuses, but if you want to be great, you have to make working hard a habit!!"
 - - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021

No Fear!

"I really liked the tools this video provided. It gives you a simple way to refocus yourself when you start to feel fear creeping in. Each letter stands for a strategy to use whenever you feel nervous in sports or life. My favorite was “obstacles become opportunities.” This helped me to imagine by setbacks as a new lesson everyday."
- - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020


"As I watched this video, it made me realize how many options there are in life, either easy or hard. The easy route is typically the road most travelled. It made me see that by not pushing through difficulty and hard times, I’m not commiting to myself. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and take the hard route. It’s not impossible, just harder to get there. To reach my dreams, I have to have set goals and follow them through, no matter how hard and how impossible they seem. It will only better myself and help me in the long run. "
 - - - Kaitlyn Dougherty - Midwest Finest 2020

"From this video I learned that commitment isn't just going to practice and then coming home and doing nothing. Commitment is doing all the extra things to build your self up. Also, you have to make goals and strive to smash those goals. Once the going gets hard you can't just find the door you forgot was open and escape out of it you have to fight the battle and get through it. You get nothing from taking the easy way out. If you want something it won't be handed to you you have to work for it."
- - - Albany Speer - Midwest Finest 2022

"Commitment starts with inspiration from goals that you have set in your life. The story told was based on commitment vs. contribution and the food on the plate. A saying to remember is “row like pigs.” You must go all in or walk the line. It’s one decision or the other. People tend to give up or quit and take the easy open door when something becomes difficult. If you want to take the “island”, burn the “ship.” Progress is made at the highest level and you cannot tiptoe to success. You have to go after it like the world is on fire. Speed and strength brings home the prize. Live and breathe your dreams every day. Every thought should be in context of dreams and you have to “dive” into it. Be passionate, immerse yourself unless it doesn’t matter. Fully commit to excellence. Set your mind to your target and crush it."
- - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021


"After watching this video I realized that it’s not enough to put in work most of the time. If you want to reach your dreams you have to have enough internal discipline that you push yourself everyday. You can’t just try on Monday and Tuesday, you have to try the whole week. What you do consistently is what you’ll become."
- - - Tessa Freeman - Midwest Finest 2020

"I learned that I should give myself more discipline everyday so I can achieve what I want to do. Discipline is what drives you to succeed and push you to a higher level."
- - - Leonie Boyer - Midwest Finest 2024

"In order to be the best and wanting to succeed along with achieving your goals, it's important for you to have self discipline. The moment you stop having self discipline, is the moment your dreams start to slip from you. Having self discipline is what separates you from mediocrity. You are more apt to achieve your goals if you're consistently giving 120% all the time."
 - - - Bella Ronnebohm - Midwest Finest 2020

"This video started off showing that from the beginning of the day, from the start, you have to set a tone. You have to ask yourself "What am I going to do today to get better?" Mastering others is strength, but mastering yourself is the power. You must push yourself, outwork others around you, and be focused on your main goal and "Why" no matter the struggles or battles. What you do consistently will make you successful. Each day temptations will be brought your way, but you have to overcome them and continue moving forward. From this video I've learned that each day I get is a gift from God and he gave me greatness but the only way to access it is through the gates of self discipline. We need to stop blaming everyone else and stay focused on ourselves. Progress happens when we address this stuff. It starts in the mind and our "Why" determines if our dreams live or die. The less you have the more vulnerable you are. Grind and work ethic are your plane ticket out of mediocrity. Purchase it through hard work. Stop leasing success and OWN it!! Success requires discipline 24/7, 365 days, going 120 out every day, no excuses!! You now have two choices. 1. Embrace discipline. 2. Accept defeat and failure. There are no 2nd chance opportunities and success avoids those who are undisciplined. Go be the person God made you to be and your hard-work and discipline are your membership fee. Now, ask yourself "What type of person do I want to be?"
 - - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021

"What I learned from watching this video was god put greatness in you, but to access it you have to have discipline. Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it. If you want to be the greatest, you have to go 120% every day. You also have to take responsibility for your actions, don’t blame others. Success requires discipline and hard excuses."
- - - Koryn Greiwe - Midwest Finest 2021

Be Hungry!

"That you can’t settle for the mediocre and you must work for what you want. That if you want something bad enough it’s not a sacrifice.... it’s a commitment with determination."
 - - - Morgan Martin - Midwest Finest 2022

You Are Limitless!

"While watching this video, I learned that it's not about where you come from, how smart you are, or how much you have, it's about heart. People are counting on you, so stop giving up, and do something to be successful. It's a soft generation where people give up because they don't use tutors, or get help from people, they are soft. You have to give everything you've got. You'll be successful when you want it as bad as you want to breathe. Some people who want to be successful don't want it bad, they just kind of want it. If you want to be successful you have to be willing to give up sleep. It's time to test your heart and desire to commit yourself. Once you get there, you will be successful. Work hard and you can have whatever you want."
- - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021

Kyle Maynard - No Excuses!

"You can’t make excuses for not being able to do something. You have to push through some harder times to get your end result, just like Kyle pushed through his body aching in climbing the mountain."
- - - Emma Wright - Midwest Finest 2021

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