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Speed/Agility/Core Player Training

Throughout the season, Midwest Finest Basketball offers training sessions for Speed/Agility/Core (SAC) Training. These are very intense, hard core training sessions and provide a full 1-1/2 to 2 hours of instruction and work. Over the course of these sessions, the training will cover all aspects required to be a balanced, well-round basketball player. However, each individual session will focus on specific skill sets and basketball IQ fundamentals that will improve a player's performance.

  • $20 per player per session fee paid prior to each session.
  • Pre-session registration is required, using the 2019 Fall Training Registration Form.
  • Age requirements are 7th through 11th grades.
  • Sessions are open to male and female athletes.
  • Sessions are for both rostered and non-rostered players.

Please keep in mind, any player paying for and attending the session will be required to do all the work, and will be expected to work just as hard as all others, regardless of age or gender. We will not alter or change the session for those who cannot keep up.

If you are looking for individual, one-on-one training, you can contact Coach Larkins at leelarkins@att.net (Please put “Individual Training” in the subject line) to set up a time and date for a session. The cost of these individual sessions will be $50.

Pre-session registration is required, using the 2019 Training Registration Form.

To see who has pre-registered, click HERE.

Schedule for 2019 Fall Speed/Agility/Core Training Sessions

Sunday, September 15th COMPLETED Pendleton Heights Main Gym